California Department of Transportation

Highway Maintenance

Close to 250 Caltrans Maintenance people, maintain the 992 miles of State highway in District 1. The highways traverse a variety of topographies ranging from coastal routes to mountain passes. The highways take you through some of the most beautiful lands in America. Breath taking views are available along much of the routes. District 1 Maintenance Crews maintain all state highways in Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, and Lake Counties, as well as western portions of Siskiyou and Trinity Counties. The routes maintained extend from the northern part of the Wine Country to the Oregon Border and eastward into the Pacific Coast Mountain Range.

Highway 101, in District 1, travels from the Sonoma-Mendocino County line, about 40 miles north of Santa Rosa, to the Oregon Border, nearly 288 miles. Along the route you will pass through the wine country, Redwood National Parks, and along the rocky coastline. You will also pass through the county seats in Eureka (Humboldt County), Ukiah (Mendocino County), and Crescent City (Del Norte County).

Highway 1, in Mendocino County, goes along the Pacific Ocean from the Sonoma County line to Leggett, a distance of 105 miles.

Two major East-West routes connect Highway 101 with Interstate 5 in the Sacramento Valley. Route 299 in Humboldt County goes from just north of Arcata to Redding to hit I-5. Route 20 goes from just north of Ukiah to Williams to hit I-5.

Another East-West route connecting Highway 101 with Interstate 5, but through Oregon, is Highway 199 in Del Norte County. It goes from just North of Crescent City to Grants Pass, Oregon.

Near the middle of District 1 is Highway 36 which also crosses East-West reaching Interstate 5. It connects with I-5 in Red Bluff.