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Help Finding Disadvantaged Business Firms

Finding DBE Firms

The search for a Disadvantaged Business firm begins at the page entitled Find a Certified Firm.

From there you have two choices to link to.  One is to the Query Form and one is to the Work Files page.  Using the Query Form is easier, by far.  Clicking on the link to it, brings up the page entitled Finding Certified Firms using the DBE Query Form.

The Work Files page, on the other hand, gives you the option of downloading files which, if you are familiar with how to construct a relational database, can be opened in Excel to produce seven worksheets, each of which contains a relational database table.  These can be linked together using the common field, file_file_sysid to form a stand-alone database that you can then use to find firms .  We do not provide assistance with this, unfortunately.

The Query Form

From the page “Finding Certified Firms using the DBE Query Form” you can read the Help File that explains how to use the query form.  The query form itself is reached through the link captioned “Go to the Search Form now to search the CUCP Database for certified DBE's”.  If you have any difficulty using it, please refer back to the Help Link at the top of the page "Finding Certified Firms using the DBE Query Form".