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California Department of Transportation
Division of Right of Way and Land Surveys
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Surveys Manual

Acrobat Reader required to read the files downloaded from this site. Chapters without links are being revised and are not available at this time.

The Caltrans Surveys Manual is now published in U.S. Customary units (English), which include the U.S. Survey Foot. If you would like PDF format files of previous (including metric) versions of the Caltrans Surveys Manual, please contact John Snee. For information on the transition from metric to U.S. Customary units, please see the Division of Design web page.

Date last revised

Chapter 1


Chaper 2 Safety December 2011
   Figure 2-1 Caltrans Code of Safe Surveying Practices December 2011
Chapter 3 Survey Equipment October 2015
Chapter 4 Survey Datums May 2013
Chapter 5 Accuracy Classifications and Standards April 2015
   Figure 5-1 Caltrans Orders of Survey Accuracy April 2015
Chapter 6 Global Positioning System (GPS) Survey Specifications December 2012
Chapter 7 Total Station Survey System (TSSS) Survey Specifications September 2006
Chapter 8 Differential Leveling Survey Specifications September 2006
Chapter 9 Control Surveys December 2016
   Figure 9.6-2 Project Control Diagram Example December 2016
Chapter 10 Right of Way Surveys
September 2006
Chapter 11   Engineering Surveys September 2006
Chapter 12 Construction Surveys November 2012
   Figure 12 Revised Construction Staking Request Form June 2009
Chapter 13 Photogrammetry September 2006
Chapter 14 Survey Records
Chapter 15 Terrestrial Laser Scanning Specifications January 2011
Interim Guidelines
Estimating Sea Level Estimating Sea Level for Project Initiation Documents March 29,2012
Caltrig Specs DRAFT - Interim Specification for Trigonometric Leveling September 2006

Construction Surveys - Chapter 12

Only to be used on projects approved by Project Delivery Directive PD-03, 9-03-2009

September 2004

Construction Surveys - Chapter 12

To be used on projects advertised before November 27th, 2012

September 2006

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