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National Household Travel Survey


2016 National Household Travel Survey

The National Household Travel Survey

Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration would like to thank everyone that participated in the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS). The NHTS was completed in April 2017 and over 129,000 households participated with over 24,000 from California. California's part in the survey and the area's represented are shown in the map below:

California's Participate Map

How is the NHTS Data Used?

The NHTS data is used to gain a better understanding of travel behavior, review current programs and policys, study current mobility issues, and plan for the future.

For specific uses, click here for the 2017 Compendium. Examples of areas:

Final data will be released in 2018. Revisit this page in 2018 to stay updated or join the National Mailing list by clicking here.

Click here for responses to Frequently Asked Questions about the NHTS.


For more information about the NHTS in California, contact Soheila Khoii at (916) 651-7578 or Diana Portillo at (916) 653-3182.

For more information on the National Household Travel Survey, click here, call 1-855-350-NHTS (6487).