Office of Technology

The Office of Technology, in partnership with Caltrans Districts, programs, local agencies and others, provides leadership and support for the development, standardization, deployment, operation and maintenance of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for the State of California. TMS includes, but is not limited to, advanced operational hardware, software, communications systems and infrastructure, for integrated Advanced Transportation Management Systems and Information Systems, and for Electronic Toll Collection System.

Our Mission:

  • Provide technical expertise, strategic direction, and support in evaluation, development, and deployment of statewide TMS
  • Provide statewide program management through the TMS Configuration Control Board and technical committees, statewide contracts oversight and management, and statewide coordination for maintenance and support of TMS
  • Develop and establish standards, specifications, special provisions, plans and design guidelines for TMS
  • Facilitate statewide TMS qualification, procurement, contracting, and funding.


  • Maintenance & licensing agreements for TMS equipment and products
  • Statewide budgeting and oversight for TMS contracts and projects
  • Intellectual property rights for developed TMS software products
  • Support for TMC cut-over and upgrade projects
  • Specifications, guidelines, and training for fiber optic communications systems
  • Support for statewide implementation of shared resources for fiber optics
  • AASHTO voting member of the National Transportation for ITS Communications (NTCIP) Joint Committee
  • Electronic toll collection systems support
  • TMC video transmission projects and standards support
  • Caltrans TMS Standardization
  • Caltrans TMS inventory


  • TMS Standardization Plan is currently under final draft format. This plan supersedes the December 1998 TMC Standardization Plan.
  • Fiber Optics Design Guidelines describes typical practices for the installation of new fiber optic systems or the modifications of existing fiber optic systems throughout the State.
  • TMS Inventory captures the implementation and annual maintenance costs for all TMS components including field elements, communications systems, central applications and information delivery systems. District quantities are updated annually.
  • ATMS Support- Provide technical resources to assist in the programming, approval and deployment of standardized Advanced Transportation Management System project solutions in each Caltrans District.
  • Title 21 Support-Caltrans is mandated by State Administrative law to develop and maintain a specification that enables interoperability between all Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) agencies in the State. The Office provides resources to maintain a data registry for unique data assignments, and respond to technical inquiries about the specification and its implementation in system design.

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